Benefits of Avenue


Our unique steering system provides riders with a first ever floating pivot point. Its been described like 'carving through air'. Since there's no fixed steering point like there is on a standard truck, our steering angles are able to adjust comfortably with you as you ride. Our steering system also helps reduce over-steer at faster speeds, improving control and stability.


Our rigid baseplates allow for compression before throwing tricks, once you pop and the pre-loaded compression is released, energy is expelled into the deck, providing a better response to the rider.



Perhaps one of the biggest factors of losing speed is vibration. Vibrations from the wheels traveling over concrete transfer upward into the skate deck and rider slowing momentum down. Avenue Suspension Trucks help to absorb these vibrations allowing the skate deck to remain unaffected by these slowing factors. The 1/2" of suspension also allows the baseplate to compress when riding through any curved surfaces like bowls and transitions, this compression works with pumping, giving riders the ability to increase their speed.


Our High Compression Spring Loaded Baseplate provides ultimate strength yet allows for optimal flexibility to enhance performance. We've given riders a 1/2" of suspension to absorb energy from hard impacts reducing the amount of physical stress the body would usually endure.
Bottoming Out: Our baseplates are designed to bottom out after compressing their full 1/2" of travel. This helps prevent over compression of our springs and helps keep them responsive no matter how big the drop.


By helping to absorb rough edges, chipped concrete, or small dents in rails, our High Compression Spring Loaded Baseplate, along with our high quality durable magnesium hanger, helps to maintain grind speed, reducing most elements that interfere with a long fast grind.